Monday, 12 June 2017

joyfully jordyn | introduction

Hello everyone!
Allow me to introduce myself and my beautiful blog! 

If you've visited before, I bet you're a little bit confused at the lack of posts! That's simply because I'm starting over. I'm rethinking what I want my brand to come across as, and that is, you can live a happy and plentiful life by switching to cruelty free and more natural products in every aspect of life; beauty, health, experiences, your home, and even your relationship with yourself and others.

A little bit about me.

I am a 22 year old. Some people would label themselves as student, or accountant, or whatever their profession or past time is. Myself, I am just human. I am no longer a student and not currently working. Plus, my activities and past times do not define who I am as a person. Alongside that, you could say I am a 22 year old child of Christ, optimistic dreamer or lover of all things good in the world. At this point in my life you will never see me share anything negative on my social media platforms including this blog, (sorry "disappointing product review" lovers)! 

I have a certification in makeup artistry and skincare consultation, and I also have a diploma from the Interior Design Institute. I love learning and am constantly filling my head with information that I can show the world in my words. 

I have gone through a lot of different experiences in my life so far, all that have taught me some very different lessons and have grown me into the person I am today. Some of the more difficult things have been dealing with a lifetime of mental illnesses such as bipolar, anxiety, depression and OCD. Medication has helped most of this for sure, and how far I've come in the last four years is easily the biggest accomplishment of my life this far. 

This blog was created over three years ago mainly as a hobby, to share my love for beauty products. Once I got professional help for my mental health issues, I decided to share my story and update on recovery and treatment in hopes it might inspire those who are struggling, to reach out and get professional help for themselves and learn to love themselves again. The response was amazing and I've been told by numerous people that my story saved their, or their loved one's, lives which touches me beyond belief. After my passion took a 180 degree shift from beauty into the interior design world, I started adding more home inspired posts and sneak peaks into projects I was working on which also became popular with another audience, including the beauty world. I snuck in some random recipe and gift guides here and there, and then my life changed the beginning of January 2017 when I learnt more about cruelty free products and animal testing. I knew that animal testing was bad and animal cruelty was horrible, but I never knew how much companies still practice these horrific tests, and how pointless this testing truly is. My passion for this flipped my view on my blog on it's head, and as I became transitioning my lifestyle to more natural products with a huge focus on cruelty free and vegan products, I took a full four month break from my blog because I was ashamed of some of the brands and products I was featuring and promoting. I was struggling between keeping my blog exclusively "beauty" and adding more "lifestyle" posts into the mix by going back to life-saving mental health stories, self love practices, interior design inspiration, healthy recipes, etc. In the end I've decided to be true to my whole self and post whatever in this world makes me joyful, hence the name that I've had since the beginning, "Joyfully Jordyn".

I'm so excited to have you along on this fun journey called life with me, and I'm so honoured that you love and trust me enough to join me! Let's hold hands and skip through the fields of life flowers together and learn more about health, self love, natural beauty, and how to surround yourself with the best energy and happiness you can offer yourself. 

I love each and every one of you more than you know, thanks for sticking with me.

Joyfully Jordyn, xo

PS. Please say hello and introduce yourself down below in the comments, I would love to say hi to you all personally!