Tuesday, 13 June 2017

what's in my handbag

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by!

Today I've put together for you a post all about what I keep in my handbag!

I love reading about these posts and watching these types of videos on youtube, because we're all nosey about what people like to keep with them at all times am I right?

Just a disclaimer, I also keep a couple of medications with me, my building keys and my phone in my bag, but I'm actually using my phone to take these pictures so I couldn't photograph it.

Urban Outfitters | Mini Reversible Faux Leather Tote Bag

First off, here is the handbag that I use. This is a reversible mini faux leather tote bag from Urban Outfitters. Obviously for me it's important to stick with vegan or faux leather, because I'm all about the cruelty free products. I'll link my bag here if you're interested in buying this bag, or similar ones in different colours! Overall I love this bag, it's small enough to not feel heavy when carrying it, but it does have a lot of room to take everything you need with you. Sometimes I even keep a smaller toiletry bag of stuff that I need in here, and it fits perfectly. I can also fit a small umbrella in here if it's rainy outside, a water bottle, all you have to do is shift the contents inside.

Aldo | Griffitt Bordeaux Women's Wallet

Obviously I keep my wallet in my handbag as well. I'm extremely picky about wallets and have two that I go back and forth between, since my last one that I was using for about six years finally decided to break down. This is the one I am currently using, and it's a basic plum coloured wallet with gold details from Aldo Accessories. I'll link the wallet here. There's a lot of space inside this wallet for cards, which we all have way too many of, it's got a space for change on the back and also inside.

Reitmans Sunglass Sleeve | H&M Gold Sunglasses

Here are my sunglasses! The sunglasses themselves are from H&M that I'll link here, and my sunglass sleeve is from Reitmans from a few years ago that unfortunately is no longer sold. These sunglasses are by far my favourite that I've ever owned because they're a tad smaller so they fit my face nicely, they're comfortable and do block just the right amount of sunlight out. I find that a ton of sunglasses make everything look like a very strong colour, but these tint everything in just the right way that things don't look coloured because it's a simple neutral colour. The neutral lens colour is nice with the gold because they'll go with every outfit, that's why I keep them in my bag and feel like I only need this one pair.

Urban Outfitters | Mobile Lens Kit

This is definitely one of my favourite items in my bag that I like to carry around, and it's a new favourite of mine. This is my little iPhone lens kit! It comes with a fish eye lens which is super fun, a wide angle lens and also a macro lens. You can get this kit at Urban Outfitters, and I've had a lens kit before for my phone, but this one is definitely really great quality and paired with the quality of the iPhone camera quality, I would say compares to some professional cameras. I highly recommend checking out this lens kit if you want to up your photo game, I'll link it here!

Arbonne | Shea Butter Hand Cream

In Calgary's extremely dry climate, even during summer time I like to keep a hand lotion in my bag. I love the Hempz lotion in their travel size, but I recently got this gorgeous new Shea Butter Hand Cream when I was in Las Vegas with Arbonne which is a vegan and cruelty free network marketing company, so it's been chilling in my bag since then. It's a bit larger than travel size but doesn't take up too much space at all. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin at all, and absorbs very nicely. If you're interested in purchasing anything from Arbonne including this hand cream, you have to shop through an Independent Consultant, so I'll link Avery McCain's Arbonne site here, who is a fellow social media influencer, so it would be amazing to support her business. You will have to make a quick Arbonne account in order to shop the products.

The Body Shop | Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

I always like to keep some kind of hand sanitizer or hand wipes on me since I use public transit and have a low immune system, so I've been using this coconut hand cleansing gel from The Body Shop forever! It doesn't contain alcohol so it's a lot less harsh than traditional hand sanitizes, and of course since it's from The Body Shop, it's 100% cruelty free! Unfortunately this product has been discontinued so I am unable to provide a link.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Menthol And Eucalyptus Balm | Arbonne Shea Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm | Hurraw! Coconut Lip Balm

As you can see, I'm a bit of a lip balm hoarder... There's three here that I love for different reasons. First of all, the Smith's menthol and eucalyptus balm is a beautiful glossy balm that I like to use on "no-makeup" days when I still want to look somewhat put together, I'll link it here. Second I have the Arbonne Shea butter lip balm that I got in Vegas along with my hand cream, which is released on your favourite Arbonne site this summer. I love it because it's extremely hydrating and soaks into the lips slowly for extra moisturization. And lastly I have my second favourite lip product of all time, the coconut lip balm from Hurraw! Hurraw is a company that makes the best lip balms on the planet, in so many different flavours, some of which are 100% vegan with no bees wax which is a plus if you're vegan and have trouble finding really great lip balms! I'll link Hurraw's site here.

Listertine Pocketpaks | Cool Mint Breath Strips

I'm one of those people that needs a mint or piece of gum immediately after eating! I used to carry gum all the time, Extra Citrus Mint is my favourite, but I kept getting annoyed trying to find somewhere to throw it out, or secretly sticking it to the underside of a table or chair or spitting on the ground which isn't right of me to do, so I decided to grab Listerine Pocketpak's Cool Mint Breath Strips! They're so quick, easy and extremely affective. Obviously you can get these at any pharmacy, grocery store or gas station.

Urban Outfitters | UO Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

I gotta have my tunes or listen to an audiobook whenever I'm out, so I recently picked up this set of Bluetooth Headphones from Urban Outfitters. So far the quality is pretty good, the set up is easy and it's much nicer to have them wirelessly hooked up to my phone instead of having to stay connected to everything. Again these ones I got from Urban Outfitters, I love the colour and so far I really do like them! I'll link them here.

Scotties | Tissues

Another pretty self explanatory product, gotta keep tissues around! Funny story about how I learnt how important it is to keep tissues around, I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in theatres, and found myself bawling uncontrollably with no tissues in sight. Ever since then, I figured I might as well keep these around just in case. Also available at any grocery store, pharmacy or gas station, especially in this adorable packaging!

Telus | Mophie Powerstation 6000mAh

It's also important for me to carry around a portable phone charger! When I purchased my current phone, Telus was having a sale on their Mophie portable batteries, so I picked this one up and so far it's really come in handy! I'll link it here on the Telus website in case you're interested, but check your cellphone provider, they'll most likely have these power stations available.

She Reads Truth | Grace Day Reusable Canvas Bag

I love keeping a reusable bag with me, just in case I'm doing some shopping, I don't need to use a bag that will just end up in the garbage. It's my duty as a human to try to keep this planet we live on as green and healthy as possible, so using my own bag when I can is my way of helping the planet. I received this Grace Day bag from She Reads Truth when one of my monthly bible studies came in. I'll link the SRT shop here, in case you're interested in checking out their amazing bible study books, or do what I did and order a years worth of the monthly bible studies that you will receive every month by an auto-ship program! That's when you can receive random gifts like this bag, and I also got a gorgeous necklace a few months ago.

And there's my handbag goodies! Please let me know in the comments below some of the products you can't live without in your handbag! 

Joyfully Jordyn, xo